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The Difference Between Enamel And Glass-lined Properties

Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

Enamel: The metal surface coating multilayer porcelain glaze, through 800 °c around the furnace firing, both physical and chemical reaction of the porcelain glaze and metal combination of a layer of composite materials, enamel metal includes: copper, aluminum, low-carbon steel .... etc, mainly used in decoration and jewelry, building materials surface decoration and anti-corrosion, bathtubs, water heaters, water tanks and other daily products; so enamel is divided into: art enamel, daily enamel, sanitary enamel, building enamel, cast iron enamel ... Generally referred to as: daily enamel.

Glass-lined Glass: a special performance glazed glaze that is fired at high temperature on a metal substrate through a furnace 820 °c or so, metal matrix refers to: a variety of petrochemical equipment has a certain strength of carbon steel, stainless steel containers, pipelines, etc., mainly used in chemical industry, low temperature, with pressure, corrosion and other reactions, storage ... Anti-Corrosion equipment, collectively known as glass-lined equipment! Glass-lined in the late 60 before called: Industrial enamel!