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Quality Control
Taiji is the only enterprise in the world that produces glass lined equipment by an assembly line. This produces more standard glass lined products with reliable quality and affordable price. With the self-developed advanced enamel and patented technology, Taiji's glass lined equipment is featured by the most reliable combination of steel vessel and glass lining in the industry. The company's manufacturing process and technology are always leading in the market. With exceptional durability, our products have won unanimous praise and trust from customers, and enjoyed a high demand that is always over supply since 2009. Why? It is because of our strict quality control which takes the credit.

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Rigorous Test

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Sufficient Power Supply

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Standardized Assembly Line

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Taiji Products Exported Worldwide

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Industry Leading Production Technology

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Exclusive Underground Electric Furnace for Suspension Sintering

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SemiFully Automatic Polishing Machine

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Inner Wall Polishing

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Precision Machining

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Stamping Equipment

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Standard Production Line

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Sand Blasting Equipment

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Enameling Equipment

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Welding Equipment

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Enamel Production Line

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Flaw Detection Equipment

Taiji is the only factory in China which completes the overall production process of glass lined process equipment in workshops. Therefore, rain erosion is avoided, ensuring reliable quality and beautiful appearance. All products are sintered in electric furnace, with one exclusive furnace for one specification. There are dozens of enamel furnaces in different sizes. The enameling process applies digital temperature self-control device and 36 patented technologies, which make sure that the furnace temperature is well-distributed in the course of enameling, producing more stable and reliable products.

Taiji's self-developed AS906 and TJ09 enamels have excellent resistance to acid, alkali, heat, abrasion, thermal shock and mechanical shock. They fully meet the international standards. Tens of thousands of glass lined equipment including glass-lined process reactor, storage tank, glass-lined reactor agitators, etc. are sold annually. But the ratio of problematic products is several times lower than the world's advanced competitors. Of course, like any enterprise, Taiji also has shortcomings. It needs to enhance management and make continuous improvement. Only in this way could we maintain the honored title as China's best glass lined equipment manufacturer.