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Application Instructions Of Enamel Reactor

Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

Glass-lined reactor widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, pesticides, food and other industries, in order to ensure the normal use of glass-lined equipment, its main performance and installation, the use of notes are as follows:

1. Use pressure: 0.2--0.4mpa

2. Acid resistance: All kinds of organic acids, inorganic acids, organic solvents have a good corrosion resistance. If I plant the production of glass-lined 20 solution in the boiling 48h, corrosion rate of 0 9g M2 (excellent product index of 1.0g M2).

3. Alkali-resistant: glass-lined alkaline solution is less corrosive than acid solution. But will I plant glass samples placed in 1N sodium hydroxide solution corrosion, test temperature 80 Shan time 48h. The corrosion rate is 6.76G (excellent product index is 7.0g M2).

4. Operating Temperature: Glass-lined equipment heating and cooling, should be slow. I plant the production of glass-lined equipment with a temperature of 0-200 Shan, temperature-resistant change ≥ 200 Shan.

5. Porcelain layer Thickness: The porcelain layer thickness of glass equipment is 0.8-2 0mm, the porcelain layer thickness of glass-lined equipment accessory is 0.6-1 8mm.

6. Voltage-resistant: glass-lined with good insulation, when the glass in the specified thickness of 20KV high-frequency EDM inspection of the porcelain layer, high-frequency EDM can not penetrate the porcelain layer.

7. Impact Resistance: the smaller the internal stress of the glass, the better the elasticity, the greater the hardness, the higher the flexural compressive strength, the better the impact resistance.