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Classification Of Chemical Pressure Vessels

Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

Classification by Purpose: The pressure vessel is divided into reaction vessel (r), Heat transfer vessel (h), separating vessel (s) and storage container (t) by use.

1. Reaction vessel: the physical and chemical reaction vessel mainly used to complete the working medium is called the reaction vessel. Such as: reactor, generator, polymerization kettle, synthetic tower, transformation furnace and so on.

2. Heat transfer vessel: The container which is mainly used to complete the heat exchange of medium is called heat transfer vessel. such as: Heat exchanger, cooler, heaters, vulcanizing cans and so on.

3. Separation containers: The main use of the media to complete fluid pressure balance, gas purification, separation and other containers called the separation of containers. such as: separator, filter, oil collector, buffer, washing tower, copper washing tower, dryer and so on.

4. Storage and Transportation containers: containers used mainly in the production and life of raw materials gas, liquids, liquefied gases are called storage containers. Such as: tanks, tanks, tankers and so on.