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How to distinguish the new and old enamel reaction kettle

Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

In chemical work, we often use the enamel reactor, you know how we should identify the old and new reactors? The next little series for you to introduce it!

1. Check the outer weld of the enamel reaction kettle, and the old reaction kettle will be repaired after renovation.

2. Check the bottom of the kettle body in the vicinity of the mark, the new reaction kettle after the completion of the welding surface will be relatively smooth, and the old reaction kettle flange will have rust, even rust, will leave traces;

3. Check the steam inlet of the kettle body interlayer, in order to avoid the phenomenon that the steam impact is too large, the new reactor will generally have a steam device.

4. The new enamel reactor jacket and barrel of the welding path is evenly formed, paint surface is also relatively clean.

We are in the selection of enamel reactor, can be based on the above content to identify the reaction kettle is new, or refurbished, thank you for your patience to read, I hope that the above content can bring you help!