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How to check and repair the glass-lined equipment

Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

In order to smooth the glass equipment can run smoothly, to regularly check the glass-lined equipment, found that porcelain surface after the need to repair equipment, before entering the tank must do the following:

1. In the construction of the tank must have the guardian throughout the monitoring, found the problem early to take remedial measures;

2. Close all incoming valves and disconnect the valve from the feed pipe and add the blind plate to prevent the material from entering into the tank;

3. Understand the safety situation in the production workshop and the harm that poisonous and harmful gases may produce to people in a certain time, and prepare for protection and contingency;

4. Thoroughly cleans the reaction tank, prevents the material decomposition to produce the gas and the surplus material to endanger the human body;

5. To drive the rotation of the motor to power off and send a person to care or to remove the triangle, to prevent the failure of transmission caused by stirring and rotating injury in the tank operators;

6. Must wear protective glasses and avoid the front of the repair area, to prevent glass-lined damage to the face of porcelain;

7. Access to the use of highly toxic materials equipment, remove forced ventilation, with gas masks, but also wear seat belts, found bad symptoms, the Guardian must immediately into the tank operator pull out;

8. To measure the combustible and toxic gases and replace the air inside the tank to prevent the residual gas in the reaction tank from harming the human body and, if necessary, to wear a gas mask under the tank and forced ventilation.