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Energy saving ratio of glass-lined agitator

Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

1. Glass-lined agitator energy-saving axial-flow agitator impeller in the same operating conditions than the same size of 30 percent-leaf agitator to save 20%-30% power;

2. By weakening the axial flow and strengthening the axial flow to optimize the combined agitator in the fermentation tank, the improved agitator can save about 20% of the original agitator.

3. A comparative analysis of the energy consumption of the reciprocating and rotational motions of the same agitator the results show that the power consumption of reciprocating motion is obviously less than that of rotary motion, and the application of the converter in the fermentation tank can change the rotational speed of the agitator according to the different periods of fermentation, which not only saves 20%-45% energy, but also the output of the producer.