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Daily maintenance of reactor

Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

1. Listen to the reducer and motor sound is normal, touch reducer, motor, chassis bearings and other parts of the driving temperature conditions: General temperature 40 Shan, the highest temperature of 60 Shan (the back of the hand can stay above 8 seconds for normal);

2. Check whether the reducer has oil leakage phenomenon, whether the shaft seal is intact, to see if oil pump, check the speed reducer in the fuel level and oily change, the Kettle seal oil box is missing oil, when necessary, add or update the corresponding oil;

3. Check safety valve, explosion-proof film, pressure gauge, thermometer and other safe device is accurate and easy to use, safety valve, pressure gauge has been checked, and seal intact, the red line of pressure gauge is correct, explosion-proof membrane is leaking;

4. Often listen to the reaction kettle for abnormal vibration and noise;

5. Keep the stirring shaft clean see light, the axle connected to the round nut, check whether the rotation direction of the stirring shaft rotates in the clockwise direction, no reversal;

6. Regularly into the pot to check the stirring, snake tube and other accessories in the pot, and tighten loose bolts, when necessary to replace the relevant parts;

7. Check the reaction kettle all import and export valve is intact, if there are problems must be timely treatment;

8. Check whether the flange and the base of the reaction kettle are loose and the safety shield is intact and reliable.

9. Check whether the reaction kettle body has cracks, deformation, bulge, perforation, corrosion, leakage and other phenomena, insulation, paint, etc. is not complete, there is no shedding, scorch situation;

10. Good equipment sanitation, ensure no oil.