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What is glass-lined equipment?

Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

Glass-lined equipment is the glass containing high silica enamel coating on the metal steel container of the inner surface, through high-temperature burning (burning) so that glass-lined porcelain glaze evenly in the metal tire surface and firmly on the metal surface to become high-performance composite products. Therefore, glass-lined equipment with glass chemical stability and metal strength of the dual advantages of a good chemical corrosion-resistant equipment.

At present, glass-lined equipment widely used in chemical industry, reactions, evaporation, enrichment, synthesis, extraction, polymerization, saponification, mineralization, chlorination, nitrification, etc. in industrial production and scientific research, such as pharmaceuticals, dyes, pesticides, organic synthesis, petroleum, food manufacturing and defence industries, to replace expensive stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Glass-lined equipment mainly includes glass-lined reaction tank, glass-lined tank, glass-lined distillation tank, glass-lined condenser, such as glass-lined equipment design and manufacture mainly based on the following standards: $literal "Steel Pressure vessel", "pressure Vessel safety Technical supervision regulations" and HG2432 2001 "glass-lined equipment technical conditions."

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