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Glass Lined Reactor 50L-80000L

Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Basic Info


Product Description


Model NO.: 50L-80000L

Origin: China

Specification: ISO9001

As one world class manufacturer and exporter certified by ISO9001 in China, we make and provide the following high quality glass lined (enamel) chemical equipments and services:

1) Glass Lined Reactor: 50L-80000L(FF type and KF type, Jacketed, with the motor, reducer, mechanical seal, agitator, thermometer pocket, drain valve etc);

2) Glass Lined Storage Tank: 100L-50, 000L (ZK type and ZF type, with content gauge, drain valve etc);

3) Glass lined Distiller: 300-6000L (FF type and KF type, Jacketed, with thermometer pocket, drain valve etc);

4) Glass Lined Condenser: Plate type, Tube and Shell type, Sleeve type;

5) Glass Lined Double Cone Vacuum Dryer: 100L-6000L;

6) Glass Lined Pumps: 32FTP/20-100FTP/37;

7) Glass lined Pipe & Fitting.


The Glass Lined Equipment manufactured by our plant are all:

1) Resistant to corrosion for acids and alkalis.

2) Withstanding mechanical stress.

3) Withstanding thermal shock.

4) Resistant to adhesion.

5) Favorable price, high quality and excellent after-sales service.

The technical Performance of our Glass lined Equipment:

1) The Max Operation Pressure: Inside Vessel: 1.0Mpa, Inside Jacket: 0.6Mpa;

2) The Operation Temperature: -20 Degree Centigrade < T < 200 Degree Centigrade;

3) The Glass-lining Thickness: 0.8-2.0mm;

4) The High Voltage-test to Glass-lining: 20KV.


Kindly Note: We can also make the equipments according to your detailed requirement in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Titanium, Rubber lined, Plastic lined, Graphite lined, PTFE lined, PP lined etc., as well as the Centrifuges, Filters, Dryers Pumps and so on, chose us, chose the best equipment and service, especially chose the trust, please contact us for more details, thanks.

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