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Common malfunction of enamel reactor and its solution

Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

1. Symptom: Leakage at seal surface.
Failure reason: screw thread loosening;
Method of elimination: The screw is tightened again;
2. Symptom: Leakage at valve.
Failure Reason: valve stem (needle), valve mouth sealing surface damage.
Troubleshooting: repair, replacement of the valve stem (needle), valve mouth.
3. Failure phenomenon: external magnetic steel rotation, internal magnet does not turn, motor current is reduced.
Malfunction reason: The kettle inside temperature rises excessively, the cooling circulation is not smooth, the internal magnetic steel causes the high temperature to fade the magnetism, the hydrogenation reaction, the inside magnetic steel sleeve has the crack, the inside magnet steel expands.
Elimination Method: Notify the supplier, replace the internal magnetic steel.
4. Fault phenomenon: There is friction noise in the magnetic coupling actuator.
Fault reason: sleeve, bearing wear, clearance is too large, internal magnetic steel rotation appears to beat.
Elimination Method: Contact the supplier, replace the bearing, sleeve.