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K50L\K100L\K200L\K300L\K500L K Type Glass Lined Reactors

Since the cover can be separated from the body, the chemical process equipment comes with a diversity of agitating methods and is excellent for all kinds of users.

Detailed description

Product Name: K Type Glass Lined Reactors

Another Name: Open Type Glass Lined Reactors

Subordinate category: Glass Lined Reactor

Product Capacity: 50L \ 100L \ 200L \ 300L \ 500L

Product Standard:ASME \ PED \ RTN

Product Use: This type of glass lined reactor is mainly used in small chemical and pharmaceutical experiments. This type of glass lined reactor is also suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical and other small-scale production of precision conditions.


Product Introduction:

Then Open glass lined reactor is containing high silica glass lined glaze spraying on the surface of the steel container, by high temperature burning process reasonable and firm adherence to the surface of the metal into composite material products, the tank cover glass lined reactor can be separated and tank, is arranged between the sealing gasket through the clip after a week fixed.

Easy to use, easy to maintain and maintain. It has the double advantages of glass stability and metal strength. It is an excellent corrosion resistant chemical equipment. It has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, smooth appearance, insulation, heat resistance, wear-resistant and other reliable performance. Glass lined equipment, such as glass lined reactors, are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, dye and other industrial processes. They are the most ideal equipment for hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, mixing and emulsification.

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Product Features:

1. We have the U.S. ASME certification, European PED certification. The K type glass lined reactor is a reactor designed with separable cover and body. The cover is fastened to the body using clamps, with gaskets between them.

2. Generally, this pressure vessel is suitable for the small capacity chemical processing works.

3. Since the cover can be separated from the body, the chemical process equipment comes with a diversity of agitating methods and is excellent for all kinds of users.

4. Made from TJ09 high end enamel, combining proven and sophisticated enameling technology, this open type glass lined reactor provides remarkable resistance to corrosion, impact and severe change of temperature as well as reliable durability.

5. The production process of open type glass lined reactor adopts pipelining technology, and the quality is reliable.

6. The glass lined reactor is made of electric furnace. The porcelain surface is clean and not easy to collapse. The quality of the porcelain is of the first class and it is difficult to break the porcelain.

7. Have thirty-six glass lined equipment production patented technology, a specification of an electric furnace, burning glass equipment is not deformed.

8. On the surface of glass coating equipment derusting paint, the product looks more beautiful, generous, world-class.

9. Tai Chi glass lined equipment sells well in China and is exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

10. We can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard glass lined reactor equipment according to the user's needs.


Technical Parameters of the K Type Glass Lined Reactors:

Design Drawing of K50L-K500L Glass Lined Reactor


Internal VesselJacket
Design Pressure( MPa )0.4/0.6/1.00.6/1.0
Design Temperature( ℃ )-19 ℃ /200 ℃-19 ℃ /200 ℃
bAgitator Hole
dMedium Outlet
f, gSpare
k1, k2, k3In/Outlet
mVent Hole






Nozzle DNa8080125125150
Nozzle DNk22020252532


Notes 1: Calculated Capacity: Volume under highneck flange.

Notes 2: Support types could be determined by users;Without special request, lugs would be normally applied.

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